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Last Ever Review For…


…the excellent music ezine Live4Ever:

Country Sleep by Night Beds

Country Sleep


A Few Reviews…


It’s been a slow start to 2013 for Buckets Of Moonbeams, so it’s a belated happy new year and a very many apologies!

There are posts on the way but in the meantime, here are a few reviews I’ve contributed to the ever excellent Live4Ever ezine:

First up is NME’s newly crowned ‘Godlike Genius”, Johnny Marr’s new album The Messenger:

The Messenger

And next, is Yo La Tengo’s latest cut Fade:





Buckets Of Moonbeams’ Festive Five: 5) Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) by Darlene Love


Finally the Festive Five is finished.

This is hands down, 100%, without a doubt THE greatest Christmas song ever.

Words can’t do it justice, so just enjoy it for what it is.

Merry Christmas everybody!

Buckets Of Moonbeams’ Festive Five: 4) Jesus Christ by Big Star


Not your traditional logs on the fire, gifts ‘neath the tree, snow a-falling Christmas song then. It wasn’t a hit… it wasn’t even released until nigh on half a decade after it was recorded. And even then barely a soul heard it.

Further down the line, Big Star are a big(ger) deal, as is their album Third/Sister Lovers from whence this track came. It’s a ram shackle affair (to be expected at this junction in the band’s career) that mixes Anglophile guitars with southern fried Memphis horns over the top of which lead ‘Star Alex Chilton strains to sing “Jesus Christ was born today, Jesus Christ was born”.

And after all, that’s what it’s all about… right?

Buckets Of Moonbeams’ Festive Five: 2) Christmas Unicorn by Sufjan Stevens


Here’s a track I encountered for the first time not two days ago! And lo, what perfect timing for ye Buckets of Moonbeams’ Festive Five!

Sorry about that… we’re back to a normal tone of voice now, and this track is a lovely slice of folk-meets-electronica spliced with snowy pipers straight outta midnight mass and of course, Stevens’ trademark oddball lyrics.

And halfway through, he pulls a dramatic musical handbrake turn and veers off into a Joy Division snow globe. Utterly bizarre. And all the better for it!


Buckets Of Moonbeams’ Festive Five: 1) River by Joni Mitchell


So whilst everybody’s getting rather excited about the gigantic economy boost that is Christmas, a contagiously jovial Buckets Of Moonbeams will sporadically bring you five festive-themed tracks from the margins.

Now, they may not all be particularly obscure per se, however they won’t be sandwiched in between Shakin’ Stevens and Mud on daytime radio.

The five aren’t in any particular order (although I’ll save my favourite until last), and to start us of is Canada’s favourite songstress (sit down Celine): Joni Mitchell.

River is just Joni, her piano, her sadness and her longing. Turn it up and let her wondrous song skate away with you.