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A Few Reviews…


These two highly anticipated albums have been reviewed by yours truly for the excellent ezine Live4ever:

Animal Collective – Centipede Hz

The xx – Coexist



Heavy Rotation: Velvet Blanc by Toe


A recent and wonderful discovery of mine is the Japanese band Toe. I barely know a thing about them; only that their music is often filed under the chin-strokingly awful term “mathrock” and somewhat less biliously, “postrock”.

Their predominantly instrumental recordings feature intricate bursts of clean six-string virtuosity combined with outrageously syncopated – and complicated – drums. By transposing grade 8 level musicianship into a “beat-combo” lineup, punk it ain’t.
In particular, Toe’s remix album Re:designed has caught my ear. Chewing up and mashing their rhythmic guitar battles, and spitting out heavily filtered versions is particularly interesting and appealing; however for your aural pleasure here is a live performance of the most straightforward track from the album: Velvet Blanc.