Monthly Archives: April 2012

Heavy Rotation: Latitude 88 North by ELO


Latitude 88 North by ELO – this weekend’s Heavy Rotation track – came about as a result of me joining the iPod generation (a CD and vinyl man, I’ve finally caved… but can an mp3 or AIFF file rotate though, really?), syncing my iTunes and simply hitting shuffle. A bullseye, straight off the bat… for those that enjoy a mixed metaphor.

And it’s a great start to the weekend, I’m sure you’ll agree. Like a good friend of mine commented when I played it to them for the first time, every time I hear it I think “That is a chorus”.

In fact, all budding songsmiths with a penchant for penning melodic pieces should listen to Latitude 88 North – that chorus is a masterclass of melody and harmonies. The swirling strings and phased drums add widescreen cinematic grandeur. Basically, listen and learn kids.


Heavy Rotation: Canon In D by Johann Pachelbel


Ahhh Pachelbel’s Canon in D. Perfect Sunday music, wouldn’t you agree?

So Buckets of Moonbeams goes classical today. Or baroque. Or chamber. I’m not too sure which it fits into – I’m quite liberal with my use of genre classification for such things.

However, we can class it as one of the greatest pieces of music of all time. That its sheet music was lost over the centuries, meaning that it was nearly consigned to history (thankfully rediscovered in the early 20th century) is even more reason to cherish it.

I suppose it’s one of the ‘hits’ of classical music now. Pretty much everyone’s heard it or knows of it – but put your prejudices aside (before you scoff and dismiss it as wedding music or something of that ilk), and listen to it and enjoy it for what it is:


The Beastie Boys: Sure Shot